Visionary Starships in Patti Smith’s “Birdland”

“The Eye sees more than the Heart Knows.”

—William Blake, Visions of the Daughers of Albion

This is a rough, rough draft of something I’m working through. I invite comments from interested parties. Thanks in advance.

Patti Smith, Horses

I’m listening closely to Patti Smith’s first album Horses (1975) due to a post from Jason Whittaker on Instagram about Smith and William S. Burroughs. Whittaker and Dent quote the passage in Radical Blake, in which Smith says that “Burroughs was fond of Blake, and it was just so simple to him. He said that Blake just saw what others did not — and that it seemed like a good answer. I mean, Blake was so generous with his angels that even we can look at them now.”

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